Cop Shoots Two Dogs to Death, Dogs Were Service Animals for Autistic Child

Jean Strong |

Now our dogs aren’t even safe from off-duty killers.

In Queen Creek, Arizona, two pit bulls were shot and killed.

The name of the killer has not been released, perhaps because he hasn’t had time to investigate himself and find himself innocent.

An off-duty officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety may have feared for his life because the dogs were in his back yard, not wearing collars, and “came at him”.

Yes, that’s what happens when dogs walk. They move.

The dogs were reportedly well-behaved and obedient.

The dogs’ owner had just moved in to the neighborhood with his fourteen year old autistic son.

The dogs were service dogs for the child.

The child had wandered away and the the owner says the dogs were tracking him.

“The dogs went that way because that’s where my son had gone,” said the dogs’ owner.

The owner declined to be identified because he said it would jeopardize his employment.

“The officer is just basically pulling this ‘I was in fear for my life B.S.’ The dogs have never shown aggression,” said the owner.

Apparently cops are concerned their life is in danger the moment a puppy is born.

The owner intends to sue the police.

Watch the video below: 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

Author Bio: Jean is an advocate for accountability for all lawless actions by cops and civilians. She lives in Alaska with her dogs of uncertain heritage and an occasional cat or two.

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