Cop Slams 22-Yr-Old Girl’s Head Into Concrete, Shattering Her Teeth, After She Crossed the Street


WOODLANDS  — A young college student at Texas State University in San Marcos is now filing a lawsuit against a police officer who slammed her face-first into the concrete and proceeded to sit on her body, according to reports.

She is seeking an unspecified amount to cover her medical expenses and lost wages after being debilitated by the injuries she suffered.

The suit was filed in Hays County district court and has been moved to federal court this as of Thursday.

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The girl, Alexis Alpha, is a marketing student at Texas State University, described as intelligent, successful, and beautiful by her friends and community.

It began when Alexis, 22-yrs-old, was crossing the street to visit some friends on the other side.

Officer James Palermo was parked on the street in his patrol car at the time.  In order to make it to the other side of the street, Alexis had to cross Officer Palermo’s path given the way he was parked.

When he saw Alexis crossing the street, he singled her out, according to reports.

“I wasn’t the only one,” said Alexis, noting that several people had also been walking across the street and taking the same path.

“I was just the one he called out,” she said.


Alexis notes that Officer Palermo became belligerent right away, that he seemed like he was purposely out to start a confrontation, and that he was in a “bad mood.”

“I could tell he wanted to start an argument, and at that point, I was polite from the beginning.”

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“The meanest thing I said was ‘you’re in a bad mood and you’re taking it out on me, you’re just being a dick.'”

At that point Officer Palermo became enraged and began initiating violence on Alexis, as several witnesses watched.

The officer reached forward and gripped Alexis by her shoulders, then dragged her about four or five steps and finally slammed her body like a wet dish rag onto the vehicle, according to reports.

After slamming her onto the car, Officer Palermo then grabbed her a second time, yanked her over, and rammed her face down into the pavement, according to reports.

The impact of her face into the pavement was so hard that it is reported to have shattered her front teeth and left her with a concussion.

As her body laid bleeding on the concrete, Officer Palermo then climbed on top of her and sat on her back with his weight, sources say.

He then twisted her arms back and locked her in handcuffs.


Several witnesses confirmed what happened to Alexis and video of the incident has been released verifying her report.

Alexis has had nearly a dozen visits to the dentist and was left traumatized after the incident.

Watch the video below:

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