Cop Steals Money From Fund for Children in Need, Community Outraged

CLANTON, AL — A police chief in the City of Clanton has been caught stealing money that was reserved for children in need, according to reports.

Clanton Police Chief Brian Stilwell was apprehended on Tuesday and now faces charges in relation to taking money from a spcecial fund that was set up to support children of less fortunate families.

Stilwell is being charged with one count of first-degree theft and one count of fraudulent use of a credit card, according to reports.

The fund was called the “Santa Claus Fund” and was designed to use money to provide children in low-income families with donations from honest people looking to help.

But Stilwell was somehow able to steal money out of that fund rather than letting it go to the children who needed it, sources say.

To take something that is needed by the most defenseless and innocent elements of our society, to intentionally strip children of something that was meant for them to have a good life — it’s an act so low in moral degradation that it boggles the mind.

If he was going after children’s funds, one wonders what other kinds of corruption Stilwell might have been involved in during his time as a police chief.

Reports indicate that additional charges may be presented to the grand jury pending the results of further investigation into Stilwell’s actions.

Stilwell was booked in the Autauga County Jail, but he is allowed to be released on bail at $15,000.

“I’m stunned, to be honest with you,” said the Mayor Billy Driver.

“It’s a tough blow, but everybody’s doing their job and trying to fight crime,” he added.

Watch the video below: