Cop Tases 76-Yr-Old Senior Citizen for Driving With an Expired Tag


UPDATE (3/16/15): Grand Jury Will Not Indict Officer

A grand jury has decided not to indict Officer Robinson for Tasing a defenseless elderly man.

“The wounds heal, but the scars will be here forever,” the victim said in court.

Despite the clear evidence of abuse caught on video, the officer was not indicted.

Steve Watson |

VICTORIA — Tasers are designed to be used be police as non lethal weapons as a last resort before taking lethal action. Not anymore, apparently. Now cops in Texas use them if your car inspection sticker is out of date.

This is what 76-year-old Victoria resident Pete Vasquez discovered last week, as reported by the Victoria Advocate.

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Vasquez, a car dealer by trade was attempting to transport a vehicle with dealer tags on it, when he was confronted by police officer Nathaniel Robinson.

Dashcam footage shows that when Vasquez was flagged by the officer, he got out of the car and attempted to get the dealer’s manager.

He pointed to the dealer tags, which make it exempt from having an inspection, but to no avail as Robinson grabbed hold of him and forced him down onto the police car’s hood.

When Vasquez attempted to pull away, the two ended up on the ground out of shot, which is when the officer deployed his taser and shocked Vasquez twice.

“He just acted like a pit bull, and that was it,” Vasquez said. “For a while, I thought he was going to pull his gun and shoot me.”

The car lot’s manager, Larry Urich, told reporters that the incident made him sick and that he wants the officer fired and prosecuted for excessive use of force and causing bodily harm to an elderly person.

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“I told the officer, ‘What in the hell are you doing?’ This gentleman is 76 years old,” Urich said. “The cop told me to stand back, but I didn’t shut up. I told him he was a goddam Nazi Stormtrooper.”

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