Cop Tries to Sue Starbucks After Spilling Coffee on Himself that They Gave Him for Free, Jury Sides with Starbucks

Lt. Matthew Kohr

RALEIGH, NC — Things have not been looking good for Matthew Kohr, a Raleigh police officer who tried to blame Starbucks and file a lawsuit after spilling coffee on himself.

It all started when Officer Kohr went into Starbucks and requested a free coffee.

Most of the time when cops go into coffee shops dressed in their uniforms and carrying their guns, they are given coffees and pastries for free.

When Officer Kohr received his free coffee, he ended up spilling it on himself when the lid popped off.

A lot of people have spilled coffee on themselves, but Officer Kohr claimed that in his case, the spilled coffee caused him to be stressed out.

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He began taking pictures of some redness that appeared on his leg after the hot coffee contacted it, and then two hours later decided to check into an emergency room for “burns,” according to reports

He also claimed that the stress he experienced was so bad after he dropped the coffee on himself that he began suffering from active Crohn’s disease and it even affected his “sex life,” reports say.

Apparently some of the coffee spilled onto his genitals, which adversely affected his sex life, causing his wife to also become involved in the lawsuit.

Officer Kohr eventually sued Starbucks, blaming them for what happened — even though he didn’t even have to pay for the coffee.

The coffee was delivered to Officer Kohr “in an unsafe container,” his attorney says.

“Starbucks delivered coffee in a 20-ounce cup with no sleeve – a cup with an improperly secured lid. Starbucks delivered coffee that failed to conform to their own security policy,” he continued.

But Officer Kohr’s legal efforts against Starbucks have failed — a jury decided that Starbucks shall not be held liable.

The attorney for Starbucks, Tricia Derr, was successful in defending her client and was able to raise serious doubts about the assumption that Starbucks was somehow to blame.

Do you think Office Kohr should accept responsibility for his own actions, or do you think Starbucks was to blame? Let us know after the video below: