Cop Wanted to Have Sex With Man’s Wife, So He Created Fake Reports to Get Man Arrested


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AUSTIN — An Austin police lieutenant has been suspended indefinitely following controversy surrounding an affair he was having with a married woman, according to a disciplinary note from Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo.

The disciplinary note says Lt. Jason Disher was suspended for rules regarding retaliation against anyone involved in an investigation and the department’s honesty policy.

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According to the memo, on April 22, Disher reported harassment to Det. Kenneth Nash.

Disher told Nash that for the past eight to nine years, he had been having an affair with a married woman, and her husband was now harassing him.

Disher provided Nash with telephone calls and text messages from the man, saying he did not want to pursue criminal charges but he wanted to document the incidents.

Nash then presented a warrant of arrest for the woman’s husband.

In May, the woman told police that the allegations against her husband weren’t true.

The woman said the affidavit incorrectly stated that her husband called Disher on his cell phone to confront him about their relationship and Disher hung up due to the husband’s hostility.

The woman said Disher promised to return her husband’s call, and when he called back, the two spoke for seven minutes. The telephone records confirmed the woman’s argument, and Disher later admitted that he called the man back and that the man did not make any threats.

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The woman also said that the affidavit claimed that the man threatened Disher on the phone another time, but Disher later admitted that he was not sure if it was the man or his son on the phone.

Disher later claimed that he didn’t provide Nash with the false information in the affidavit, though Nash said he wrote the information down exactly as Disher told it to him. Disher later admitted he was aware of the inaccuracies and did not explain why he did not report the false information.

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