WATCH: Cop Who Raped Woman at Gunpoint Calls His Sentence “An Injustice”

rapist cop
Officer Pena

Officer Michael Pena was convicted of raping an innocent woman.

The victim of the rape was a school teacher, Lydia Cuomo.

Officer Pena pleaded guilty to the charges.

It began when Lydia was getting ready to go to work.

She had recently been offered the new job as a school teacher and it was supposed to be her first day.

But that all changed when Officer Pena crossed paths with her.

He took her by force to a courtyard in an apartment complex.

The officer then drew his NYPD-issued 9MM handgun and aimed it at her.

He told her he was going to “blow her head off” unless she did what he told her, according to reports.

He then proceeded to rape her.

The details and nature of the case were thought to be so horrific that Officer Pena was given 75 years in prison.

Officer Pena thought the sentencing wasn’t fair, and his attorney said of it that it was the most severe sentence “ever imposed in the modern era in this country…”

For Lydia, however, it is hard to understand the kind of emotional, physical, and psychological trauma that she must now overcome for the rest of her life.

“I still have my entire life with this,” said Lydia.

Adding, “I did nothing to ask for it. I do think the punishment fits the crime.”

It must have been quite a surprise for Officer Pena to discover that he would actually be punished for raping a woman at gunpoint and threatening to murder her, given that police officers are rarely punished sexual crimes, and many of them don’t even get reported.

It must be asked: who is the real victim here? It is so typical of rapists to self-victimize and seek pity once they are caught; and this officer, evidently, is no exception.

The nerve to paint himself as the victim, after all of the pain and suffering he caused to this woman, justifies a much harsher punishment, if anything.


Watch the video below: