Cop Who Supported “War on Drugs” Gets Caught With 24 Pounds of Marijuana in His Car After Fleeing From Other Officers


“I became a cop so I could counsel children about the dangers of drugs.” — Officer Griffin

YUBA CITY — Officer Clorenzo Griffin has been a police officer in Miami for four years.

He was a hardcore advocate for the US government’s War on Drugs.

His reason for becoming a cop was so that he could “counsel children,” he said, “about the dangers of drugs.”

Surprisingly — or perhaps expectantly, depending on how you look at things — Officer Griffin has been caught speeding with 24 pounds of marijuana packed into his car after he was involved in a drug deal.

It began in the parking lot of a motel in Yuba City, California.

Although he was supposed to be off-duty at the time, Officer Mack was fully decked out in his police gear, sources say.

At the Best Western Inn parking lot on Highway 99, Officer Griffin and two of his accomplices were supposed to meet a dealer and pay for marijuana, but instead used guns to rob the dealer and take off with all of the marijuana.

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Some surmise that Officer Griffin wore his police costume to make the dealer think that he was being busted, unaware that Officer Griffin was actually after the drugs for his own personal use and profit.

After robbing the dealer at gunpoint, Officer Griffin and his two accomplices then packed the stolen loot into a Jeep and took off speeding, according to reports.

At one point they ran a red light, and that’s when a Highway Patrol officer who happened to be nearby became alert to their presence.

The CHP officer turned on his lights and motioned them to pull over, but Officer Griffin and his two accomplices accelerated and led the CHP on a chase.

Moments later, the three men abandoned the Jeep and began running on foot.

Witnesses then saw Officer Griffin run into a property and pull out his handgun.

A deputy nearby began firing at Officer Griffin but missed.

At that point Officer Griffin surrendered his weapon and was captured along with his two accomplices.

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Drew Wade, speaking on behalf of the US Marshals, assured the public that Officer Griffin has been placed on administrative leave for now.

So far he has not been convicted.
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“This doesn’t reflect the core values of the Marshal’s Service,” Wade added.

The question becomes: How many innocent American citizens has Officer Griffin fined and locked in prison for smoking small amounts of the same plant he was transporting — over 20 pounds of it?

How many lives did he ruin, as a police officer, for the same activity he engaged in? How long has he been doing this as a police officer, while supporting the “War on Drugs”?

It’s another illustration of the fact that the “War on Drugs” has nothing to do with safety or morality and everything to do with giving the US government and its obedient police officers the ability to (1) monopolize the drug industry for their own profit; (2) fill private prisons with non-violent Americans for profit; (3) boost their own careers and weapons budgets; and (4) socially control the population through propaganda, felonization, and imprisonment.

If the War on Drugs ended tomorrow, probably 70% of cops would lose their jobs, and the rest would be forced to focus on real crimes.
Crime rates would drop drastically as people could have peaceful legal channels through which marijuana — a plant less dangerous than caffeine and alcohol — could be purchased for their personal recreation or medicinal use.

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