Cop Yanks Girl’s Hair Back and Rams Her Head Into Hood of Car, Gets Only 9 Days of “Suspension”

officer gothner


SUPERIOR — Officer George Gothner has been given only 10 hours of “suspension” after being caught on video tape slamming a woman’s face into his patrol car.

The video clearly shows the abuse take place and leaves no room for doubt.

The footage was picked up by a dash cam in Officer Gothner’s patrol car.

It begins when he arrives at a scene in a parking lot, in which citizens were involved in a disagreement but were not violent.

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Natasha Lancour, 29, was grabbed by Officer Gothner immediately.

Natasha wanted to be left alone and clearly did not want Officer Gothner touching her.

She motioned for him to stop, and that’s when Officer Gothner is seen dragging her to his vehicle.

Moments later he grips her by her hair, yanks her head back, and then slams her face-first onto the hood of the car.

Natasha then regains posture, only for Officer Gothner to begin using a close fist to pound her in the face repeatedly.

The video ends with Officer Gothner continuing to push Natasha back while punching her in the face again and again.

Despite the footage, the department decided to grant Officer Gothner with only a nine-day suspension.

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“It’s an absolute and utter joke,” said Rick Gondik, who is Natasha’s attorney.

Police Chief  Charles LaGesse claimed that Officer Gothner’s actions were “reasonable and consistent” with the Superior Police Department’s policies.

Officer Gothner will be patrolling again in the coming week.

View the video below: