WATCH: Cops Admit They Have No Idea Why They Stopped Man, But Arrest Him Anyway


NEW YORK — A man is planning to sue the city after he was pulled over for no reason by cops and arrested.

The man left his cell phone on in the car, and the cops evidently did not know it was recording them.

The man can be heard repeatedly asking officers why he was being arrested, to which they don’t offer any justifiable answer.

Moments later, after they had isolated the man away from his vehicle, they begin rummaging through his car and cracking jokes about pulling the man over for no reason.

The cell phone audio then captures the following exchange between the two officers:

Officer 1: I don’t even know why we pulled him over.
Officer 2: Just put ‘cocaine test.’

“I knew something was wrong, so I decided to film,” said Benjamin Farias, the victim.

If Benjamin had not trusted his instincts and began filming, we have no doubt that his life would be pretty much ruined right now for several years.

He was also arrested so roughly by the cops that he suffered from a fractured wrist.

At one point the cops accused him of having an “expired license,” to which he responded by giving the officers legal documents proving that his license had been restored. The cops ignored the documents.

This is yet another example of why you should stay away from cops at all times, and if they approach you, try to get as many cameras pointed at them as possible.

Policing is not what it used to be. The new breed of cops are trained to arrest as many people as possible to fill prisons and meet arrest quotas.

Like little human vacuum cleaners, their primary goal is to scoop you up off the street and lock you away.

Their paychecks depend on it. They can sometimes even get career boots and score points at the department if they have more “points” chalked up on their arrest records.

It’s become almost a game among cops, to see which officer can arrest the most people.

europeans-using-new-techWhat Benjamin went through is most likely an instance of two officers who wanted to scoop up somebody random from the street to score more points.

They are not here to serve or protect but to make money off arresting you.

Avoid them when you can, but if they get in your business, do what Benjamin did and start filming immediately — it could very well save your life.

Watch the video below of the cops admitting that they pulled Benjamin over for no reason at all and that they’ll just put “cocaine test” in their report:

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