Cops Are Now Officially the Fattest Employees in America, Study Shows


WASHINGTON, DC — A new study conducted by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine reveals that law enforcement is officially the most obese profession in the United States.

Though Americans tend to react to fatness with laughter and mockery, morbid obesity is actually a serious health condition.

The extremely large amount of body fat on obese males stores toxins that could cause damage to one’s overall health and mental well being.

Inordinate amounts of body fat on obese males has been shown to correlate with estrogen levels above medically normal ranges, according to the latest studies.

This hormonal imbalance doesn’t only lead to undesirable body traits such as “man boobs,” but can also lead to more serious problems, such as depression, poor judgment, and irrational mood swings.

Male officers who are obese may suffer from all of these conditions, which causes concern, given that they are allowed to carry guns and restrain people at will.

If that isn’t alarming enough, 1 in 3 males are now unable to see their own penises due to having too much body fat, according to recent studies. 

Is it possible that many cops are therefore unable to see their own penises? Could this be causing them to take out their frustration on the general population?


Alongside firefighters and security officers, almost 41% of cops are obese, the recent study shows.

Government social workers and church clergy are placed as the second most obese profession, with about 35% being fat.

Professions that rank among the thinnest are economists, scientists, and psychologists, with only 14% having obesity.

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Should an officer who is in such condition be walking around with a loaded firearm and permission to initiate violence on citizens.

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One example is a video which shows a very large officer shooting a handcuffed girl with his taser gun. The young girl posed no threat to the officer, but simply wanted him to leave her alone, and tried to get away from him.

If the officer were able to sprint well, some surmise that he could have simply caught the girl instead of shooting her, after which she became vegetative and died. The raw video can be viewed below:

What do you think? should we require better health standards for those who claim to protect us? Give us your opinion below. 

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