Cops Are the Fattest Employees in America, Study Shows

fat cops

WASHINGTON, DC — A new study reveals that law enforcement is officially the most obese profession in the United States.

Though Americans tend to react to fatness with laughter and mockery, obesity is actually a serious health condition.

What many people don’t realize is that extra body fat is literally a storage place for toxins that damage one’s mind and senses — literally destroying them from the inside.

Extra body fat increases estrogen levels in men, often leading to irrational mood swings, depression, poor judgment, and a number of undesirable bodily traits, such as one commonly known as “man boobs.”


According to reports, many obese people are often unable to thoroughly clean their own bodies after defecating, and obese males in particular are often unable to see their own genitals.

Which leaves many wondering: how could law enforcement officers possibly claim to be protecting us when studies show that they can’t even take care of themselves?

How could an officer who spends most of his time eating donuts and sugar in his car, filling out paperwork, issuing tickets to generate revenue, and shooting citizens from a distance, while being comfortably funded by tax-payers, possibly claim to have a dangerous job?

With firefighters and security officers, almost 41% of cops are obese, the recent study shows.

Government social workers and church clergy are placed as the second most obese profession, with about 35% being fat.

Professions that rank among the thinnest are economists, scientists, and psychologists, with only 14% having obesity.

obese cops
Image via Daily Mail

Even thinner are athletes and actors.

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While this issue causes most people to chuckle, it is actually quite serious.

Obesity brings with it a number of alarming health risks, including cloudy thinking and irrational judgment.

An officer in such a condition should not be walking around with a loaded firearm and permission to initiate violence on citizens.

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One example is a video which shows an obese officer tasing a handcuffed girl. The young girl posed no threat to the officer, but simply wanted him to leave her alone, and tried to get away from him.

If the officer had been able to run well, he could have simply caught the girl instead of shooting her, after which she became vegetative and died. The raw video can be viewed below: