Cops Beat an Innocent Man, Tried to Lock Him Away for 5 Years — Until Chilling Dashcam Footage Saved Him

NEW JERSEY — A disturbing video has surfaced showing officers pounding an innocent man in his face while yelling “Stop resisting!”

Police originally claimed that Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield, NJ was trying to “escape” from them when they pulled him over.

Capture3They also claimed that he was “resisting” and trying to “assault” them.

It turns out that Marcus did none of the above.

In fact he had his hands up in the air calmly the whole time.

The cops wanted him sent to prison for five years despite his innocence.

They would have been able to do it if it weren’t for dashcam footage coming to the surface, proving that they were lying.

The footage shows Marcus pulling over immediately when the officers flashed their lights at him.

From that point on, cops can be seen escalating the situation into violence and beating him, pounding his head again and again.

They can be seen smashing in the window of his vehicle and pointing guns at his face.

Some suspect that the cops were out looking to trap an American in prison after a random beating, just for fun.

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Once prosecutors saw the footage, they dismissed all of the charges against Marcus.

Now two of the officers have been indicted for falsifying reports and the other for assault.

Police originally tried to conceal the footage, but they failed when attorneys found out that a second police cruiser was present at the scene.

Had it not been for the dashcam footage, Marcus would be locked behind bars right now, torn from his family and friends for five years.Capture1

Cops often employ what they call “inciters.”

Inciters — such as verbal and physical taunts — are meant to get you angry and compelled to defend yourself.

If you do, cops can then pound you into oblivion and claim it was necessary because you were “resisting.”

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They can then arrest you and get you thrown in prison.

Back at the department, they are able to add your arrest to their performance record, which earns them points and career boosts.

Instead of actually protecting us, police patrol the streets looking for defenseless citizens, such as teens who carry cannabis, or people of low income and low education, because such citizens are easier to arrest.

If police are having trouble finding people to arrest on any given night, they may pull over an innocent person at random and use inciters to justify an arrest.

Typically police dashcams can be obscured by the positioning of police cruisers or loud yelling of “Stop resisting!” to create the illusion of an assault against the officer that is later used in court.

In this case, however, the cops failed to cover their tracks.

Fortunately, Marcus is still a free a man.

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