Cop’s Own Dashcam Catches Him Pulling Over and Raping Multiple Women While On Duty

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Spring Hill, TN — The lure of authority is attractive to those who seek domination over others, and there’s no easier outlet to assert that authority than becoming a police officer. A now-former Spring Hill cop proves the case quite well after being caught pulling women over and raping them. His sick desire to dominate and rape was so flagrant that he cared not about these crimes being recorded on his own dashcam.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Spring Hill Police Officer Christopher Odom was caught raping at least two women in two separate incidents during on-duty traffic stops.

The TBI say they launched their investigation on August 1 after they learned Odom pulled over a car driven by a female in June and raped her.

According to a press release, the TBI says it happened again with another female in July.

Even more worrisome was the fact that in his spare time, Odom worked as a substitute teacher last year in Lewis County. According to WSMV, students at Lewis County High School who used to have him as a substitute teacher told Channel 4 they were shocked.

“It’s crazy. He talked to us just like an everyday teacher did,” said Donavan Conner, a student. “It makes you wonder about everybody else you talk to. ”

However, ‘everybody else’ is not drawn to the job of asserting authority over others. As the famous quote by Lord Acton goes, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

It is this draw to power that leads to an increase in sexual assault among police officers. According to the Cato Institute, more than 9 percent of reports of police misconduct in 2010 involved sexual abuse, making it the second-most reported form of misconduct, after the use of excessive force. Comparing that data to FBI crime statistics indicates that “sexual assault rates are significantly higher for police when compared to the general population.”

Odom is one of many officers who are caught raping those they’ve sworn to protect. A short google search will reveal the near epidemic of police rape that takes place in the United States.

Not only is sexual assault higher among cops, but it also largely goes unpunished.

Police sexual misconduct is so common that more than 1,000 officers have had their licenses revoked in just the last six years for it, that we know about — nearly half of them involving underage victims. However, only a small fraction of those officers received jail time.

In regards to Odom’s despicable crimes, the Spring Hill Police Department released the following canned statement:

“The actions of Officer Odom are not indicative of a Spring Hill Police Officer and is in direct violation of departmental policies. The department takes great pride in serving our community and preserving the trust of our citizens.”

The department also asked for any other victims to come forward.

“If there are [more victims] we want to know, we want to get them justice. We want them to come in, be able to look us in the eye, speak with us about what’s going on in their lives.”

On Monday, 26-year-old Odom was indicted by a grand jury on charges of rape, sexual battery, and two counts of official misconduct.

According to the indictment, Odom detained the victims beyond the scope of a traffic stop for the purpose of coercing the victims into performing sexual acts.

The indictment states he used force to accomplish the act and knew the victim did not give consent.

As PINAC reports, the bureau watched hundreds of Odom’s dash cam traffic stops and saw the evidence they needed to seek a criminal indictment on Odom. Additionally, upon watching the dash-cam, prosecutors say there may be a third unidentified female victim.

He was arrested and booked into the Maury County jail on $75,000 bond. He spent only one hour behind bars before being released.

Watch the video below:

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