Cops Destroy 90-Yr-Old Woman’s Home, Claim They Were “Looking for Drugs” — None Found



RIVIERA BEACH — An innocent 90-yr-old woman was startled when she heard what sounded like a bomb go off inside of her quaint little home.

It was the police using a flashbang grenade and raiding her home.

“I don’t know how the cops got in here. The noise woke me up when something said boom! Like a bomb or something,” said the 90-year old.

The police were performing a no-knock raid on the woman, claiming that they were searching for “drugs.”

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Insulted, the woman said she has no criminal record, has never been arrested, and certainly has no illegal drugs in her home.

“Cops standing over here talking about ‘where’s the drugs’? I said what? What drugs? Ain’t no drugs in here,” she said.

Police brought in a drug sniffing attack dog and indeed found nothing in the home.

Meanwhile, they destroyed the woman’s home — a place where she has been living quietly for 23 years.

Her windows were shattered, her door was busted down, and her floor was burned by the grenade.

Thankfully, the woman did not have a dog loose at the time of the raid, so no pets were killed by police during the ordeal.

Police insist that they did not raid the wrong house.

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It is unknown whether the woman will be filing a complaint or a lawsuit.

Watch the video below.

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