Cops Dogpile and Attack Innocent Man Over Bus Ticket


UPDATE (12/5/14): While state-run media has been acting like police brutality is a “new thing,” we feel that it’s important to remember that police have been doing this for decades.  This incident originally occurred earlier this year and never got any attention. One of the officers places the man in a brief chokehold but then lets go, likely because he knew he was being filmed. We now know that cops New York cops killed Eric Garner with a chokehold. Evidently they’ve been using this move for a while. If you have information about who this man is and whether he pressed charges for assault, please let us know.

NEW YORK — We’ve received reports that an innocent man was literally forced down to the ground and then swarmed by cops and hauled to jail over a bus ticket.

According to the report, it began when cops asked the man to show them his bus ticket.

He simply wanted to be left alone in peace -- instead they dogpiled him.
He simply wanted to be left alone in peace — instead they dogpiled him.

As he reached into his pocket to get it, they started laying their hands on him, presumably “for their safety.”

The man asked, “Wait… why are you putting your hands on me?”

That’s when the cops escalated the situation into violence.

The incident was captured by witnesses who were filming and the footage is now going viral online.

Friends, this is what happens when you live in a police state.

You’re minding your own business, when two losers in costumes waddle over to you and start harassing you.

They’re smaller than you. They’re weaker than you.

But their government — the judges, the courts, the prisons, and the people who support it — will back them up with copious amounts of processing and paperwork in case you try to defend yourself.

By putting on their government costumes, these otherwise lazy schlubs believe they have the right to lay their hands on you and assault you.

If you try to walk away or so much as ask them to stop, they’ll call their costumed partners to pin you down and haul you away.

Some will point out that this man was “yelling too much,” that he was “resisting,” that he was getting “out of line.”

To which we respond: yes, all of which is a normal, conscious reaction to assault. All humans have the instinct to protect themselves, unless they’ve been enslaved and demoralized.

What you see here is a man who hasn’t been domesticated. His instincts are alive. His mind hasn’t been enslaved and hypnotized to obey random strangers in costumes.

Look at the physical conditioning of this man compared to the cops. It took six cops, most of whom were out of shape and wheezing, just to restrain this man.

What would have happened if these six people had approached this man without their bells and whistles and costumes? What would have happened if, say, six average fat people started laying their fingers on this man?

Do you think he would have tolerated them touching him, even for a second?

This illustrates that their “power” is illusory. There is nothing inherently superior about someone wearing a costume and a piece of tin on their chest.

We are being ruled by the weak — but not for much longer.

Watch the video here (warning: strong language)