Cops Drag Man Out of His Car and Push His Face Into Snow for Asking Them Why He Was Pulled Over


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — An intense raw video has surfaced online in which a citizen attempts to document his interaction with the police, only to be dragged out of his car, pushed to the ground, and assaulted.

It began when police pulled over a man and his brother to the side of the road.

Both brothers were confused as to why they were being pulled over, but the police cannot be heard on video giving them a clear reason.

That’s when Ryan Brown began filming the traffic stop and firmly but respectfully asking the police to identify the reason that they were stopped.

Despite asking the officers to provide a reason several times, the police are not heard giving a clear and reasonable answer.

Instead, the officers threatened to shoot Ryan with a taser gun and started demanding that he exit his vehicle.

They had already begun arrested the driver, Ryan’s brother, for what appears to be no justifiable reason.

Ryan made it extremely clear in the video that he was not being aggressive toward the cops at all, was keeping his hands visible, and simply wanting them to identify why they felt it necessary to pull the men over.

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That’s when a cop literally starts yanking on Ryan’s shirt and stretching his arms to drag him out of the car.

At this point Ryan can be seen filming himself as he is being assaulted.

One of the officers appears to trip him, then climb on top of his back and begin using a knee to pin him down.

Seconds later, the officer’s hand can be seen wrapping around the top of Ryan’s head and pushing Ryan’s head into the snow.

During the last few frames of the footage, the officer’s hand can be seen reaching the camera as if to shut it off.

Later the police claimed on their report that they pulled over the men for having “very dark” tinted windows and a “cracked windshield.”

Ryan was also given an additional ticket for “resisting,” even though he was simply trying to document the interaction responsibly.

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From the video, it looks like the only person who was resisting a citizen’s requests was the police officer himself..

Watch the raw footage below: