Cops Dress Up Like Paramilitary and Shoot Tear Gas at Non-Violent Group of Students

paramilitary cops


OHIO — Shocking video footage has surfaced showing police officers dressed in full camouflage and attacking a student gathering in the streets.

The incident occurred after the Buckeyes won a championship.

Thousands of fans began celebrating in the streets. There were no reported acts of violence, as the crowd was mostly peaceful but spirited.

That all changed when several officers dressed like a paramilitary organization swarmed in on the celebrators and began spraying them with mace, according to reports. 

The officers proceeded to shoot tear gas at the crowd, causing the students to choke in agony.

Officers say that the crowd failed to stay on the sidewalk.

Why such a “crime” warrants radical mass violence on the part of the police is a mystery.

The crowd naturally became uncooperative with police after being attacked, yet still did not retaliate with anything resembling the level of violence that police themselves carried out.

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Police reported that they were able to make a handful of arrests.

Indeed, it is well known that police will often instigate crowds in order to boost arrest records.

The higher the arrest records for a department, the more funding and career promotions they can get.

Police are often trained to taunt individuals or crowds just enough to arrest them and stack charges upon them, but not to the point where the individual or crowd actually harms officers.

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In this way, non-violent Americans are rounded up and locked in cages, generating massive profits for the State and giving police an excuse to ask for federal funding for more high-tech militarized equipment and weaponry to play with.

When police do this, it backfires over time, as it creates more disrespect for them in the community and inevitably leads to real harm on officers.

Watch the raw footage below to see police pretending they’re warriors and initiating violence on non-violent people: