Cops Force Citizens Into “Free Speech Zone” While Illegally Searching Vehicle



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ARLINGTON, TEXAS — On Saturday evening, administrators from Dallas CopBlock (Jose Vela), North Texas CopBlock (Kenny Lovett), and myself Texas CopBlock converged on the tyrannical city that is home to the world renown Dallas Cowboys and Baseball’s Texas Rangers.

With the request from Jacob Cordova and Tara Jones from the Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project to undergo a much-needed Cop Watch, we all met in a parking lot in the heart of what Jacob calls ‘speed trap row’ where we then commenced the police accountability activity.

After a couple of hours of just a bunch of Domestic Disputes and far-fetched 911 calls like a woman who phoned in to describe a 4 by 4 truck that had run over the top of two parked cars in the mall parking lot.

Upon heading to our second short break, Jose spotted some flashing lights from a police car that lit up the side of a burger establishment.

Finally, the kind of stop we were looking for, Kenny pulled in and we parked, jumped out with cameras rolling to find a young man being interrogated through both the passenger and driver side of his vehicle.

Kenny held up a sign stating ‘Don’t consent to searches.’

A minute later the brother of the young man whose peace was being breached showed up, partially surprised of our presence at first then we explained to him that we were there to film and hold these cops accountable.

Pulling out his camera to record as well while stating that he didn’t want his brother getting shot.

The cops eventually made the driver get out of his car and directed him to the curb.

The male cop then proceeded to ransack his vehicle, desperately looking for a revenue generating reason to incarcerate the guy.

Then they walk to the driver sitting on the curb and cuff him and tell him he’s arrest for possession of a small amount of cannabis.

We were directing our own knowledge about how it was a warrantless and illegal search, telling them about the ‘cite and release’ law, and our disgust of why they wouldn’t let his brother take his car home instead of it being towed.

The armed thugs became very agitated with our involvement in the stop and exercising out 1st Amendment and Human Rights to express our grievances about the unjust treatment of a fellow citizen.

The female Gestapo was irate and constantly using her shiny badge of authority to verbally push us back to a ‘Free Speech Zone’ that she instantly made behind a line on the concrete.

Kenny was also threatened with arrest for merely holding a sign and dictating the Constitutional and Civil rights that were being infringed.

Mr. Lovett also explained how Samuel Adams and other forefathers would be shooting by now.

The man’s brother constantly questioned why he couldn’t get his questions answered, names and badge numbers, or to simply take his brother’s car.

The tow truck showed up with such timing, that it seemed that it was already in route before the search.

Upon the departure of the tow truck the armed bullies scattered like roaches into the night.

Another incident of police overreach in Texas, again and again funding the city’s elite with money from its own people.

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