Cops Go on Reckless Shooting Spree, Hail of Gunfire While Speeding in Prius


BROWARD — A sheriff’s deputy who was being investigated for a drive-by shooting incident has turned himself in, according to reports.

Deputy Norman Stepelton was booked into jail but released the very next day.

He has been charged with discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

The incident began when Deputy Stepelton and another cop, Deputy Christopher Mattingly, were driving in a prius and began shooting a gun out from the vehicle, according to reports.

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Residents around the community were startled to hear a hail of gunshots at multiple times throughout the night.

Witnesses noticed a prius speeding down the street as the deputies blasted eight to ten more shots out the window.

At one point, officers who happened to be near the area and who heard the gunshots ducked behind their patrol cars, fearing that they were being shot at.

The prius was finally stopped, and that’s when it was discovered that the shooters were cops.

They had just left a night club at around 2 AM.

An empty .40 caliber glock magazine was found in the back seat, according to reports.

“When deputies were securing Mattingly he uttered the gun and shooter were in the back,” the affidavit said.

Mattingly and Behan told deputies they were driving home from Roxy’s Roof Top Bar when Stepelton fired a gun several times out of the rear-passenger window, the affidavit said. Behan told deputies he took the gun and fired into the air twice.

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Deputy Stepelton was suspended with pay.

“I am very disappointed,” said Sheriff Scott Israel.

“Deputy Stepelton used poor judgment as a citizen and as a deputy,” he added.