WATCH: Cops Lose It, Open Fire on Dog in Public After Witnesses Call Out Their Mistake



BROWNSVILLE — A shocking video has surfaced showing cops opening fire on a pet dog in a crowded area.

The incident began when officers showed up to the wrong house to “make an arrest.”

It is bad enough that they made the mistake of targeting an innocent homeowner, but then to pull out their guns and open fire in public — it’s just a level of incompetence that is difficult for the human mind to comprehend.

Families and children had been on the street observing the officers engage the wrong house.

A pet dog inside that house managed to get out and become excited, probably thinking that it was time to play.

Once the dog ran out of the house excited, a cop can be seen trying to gun it down.

The officer fired at point blank range, attempting to execute the dog.

At that point the crowd became furious.

“No, no!” one can be heard shouting.

“You’re wrong! You’re wrong. You’re dead fucking wrong for that!”

“You almost shot me,” said another person in the crowd.

“Are you serious? There are kids out here!” another added.

“You’re at the wrong house!” another witness shouted.

Fortunately, nobody was murdered this time around.

The video is a chilling reminder that the modern institution of policing has become nothing more than a program to give low-IQ maniacs loaded guns and send them out on shooting sprees.

The video is also an important reminder to film recklessly incompetent cops at all times.

Had it not been for people filming this incident, the cops may have turned their guns on the families or their children and opened fire. We would have heard that they “feared for their lives” afterwards.

Watch the video below: