Cops Murder Mom’s Son by Shoving Sharp Object Down His Throat: Lawsuit

HUNTSVILLE — Nancy Smith has filed a lawsuit claiming assault and battery and wrongful death after her son died in the hands of Huntsville Police, according to reports.

policestateusa1Smith says that it happened when police set up her son in a “drug sting” and shoved a sharp object down his throat.  Her son was 17-yrs-old.

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During the sting, several police in plain clothes approached her son without identifying themselves.

Because he didn’t know who they were, he turned and walked away from them.

That’s when one of the officers chased him, tackled him to the ground, and began pepper spraying him in the face as he was handcuffed.

The son began choking and was unable to move due to the effects of the pepper spray in his face and being confined underneath the officer’s weight, according to the lawsuit.

The autopsy report states that the son’s neck was restrained, and that he suffered from blunt force injuries and deprivation of oxygen to the brain.  However, the cause of death has been labeled “undetermined.”


When paramedics arrived, police told them that the teen had “swallowed drugs,” and so, without training or authorization, they shoved sharp oblong object into the teen’s throat to retrieve the drugs, according to the lawsuit.

However, no drugs were found inside the boy or at the scene, states the lawsuit.

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The boy could no longer breathe, but the officers left him handcuffed and did not allow him to sit up to gasp air.  He also was found to have two broken ribs from the force used by the officers.

The autopsy report states:

“Because of the circumstances of this event, it is difficult to discern if the decedent died from a drug overdose or an asphyxia event exacerbated by either the occlusion of the airway by the foreign object, a possible vascular occlusion associated with the neck restraint, or from a combination of all the events that transpired during this incident.”

The Huntsville Police Department did not comment on the case.

View the full lawsuit (PDF).

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