Cops Release “Instructional Video” Telling Americans to Submit and Obey

LAKE CHARLES, LA – If the rise in police brutality across the nation isn’t enough, cops are now expecting Americans to submit to their power even more.

Recently a training video was released in which Americans — depicted as docile out of shape servants — are instructed to be perfectly obedient during traffic stops.

Not mentioned in the video is that many traffic stops are conducted purely to generate revenue, not as a matter of safety.

If officers were as concerned about safety as they claim to be, perhaps they would refrain from pulling over citizens for frivolous, victim-less activities, such as not stopping 100% completely at a stop sign, or driving a mere five miles per hour above the speed limit.

Speed traps, minor infractions, and other activities that harm nobody are excuses for cops to pull over citizens and extract money from them, which is then funneled to the city governments and politicians.

And they often do this with blazing bright lights shining in your face with their hands on their pistols, ready to initiate violence if something you do is interpreted as “fear for their lives.”

If safety were the number one priority, one would expect police officers to pay far less attention to generating revenue and focus more on solving actual violent crimes.

When a cop pulls you over, it is certainly practically wise to convey that you are not a threat, since neither you nor the officer know each other in most cases. This amounts to a basic case of offering mutual respect since neither party has done anything to violate it yet.

(Granted, the cop has used the power of the state and the threat of violence to interfere with the motorist, and in some cases has no morally justifiable reason to do so other than generating revenue. This could be interpreted as the first violation of mutual respect but it really depends on the nature of the case.)

The “training” video, however, seems to be demanding much more than basic respect and courtesy.

It seems to many viewers to be requiring of Americans that they take on a totally submissive demeanor and prepare to do everything they are told to do by the officer.

Citizens are instructed to not present arguments (it doesn’t matter, evidently, if the cop is in the wrong), and to have their papers ready fast.

Citizens are instructed to immediately exit their vehicle if the cop so much as asks them to.

This demand for total obedience has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, even people who agree that safety should be a priority.

True respect is something that is commanded naturally based on character and action, regardless of the uniform one is wearing.
It cannot be demanded under the threat of violence; that way leads to fear or hostility.

Watch the video below: