Cops Shoot Homeless Man Five Times, Execute Him in Front of Terrified Children


MIAMI, FL — Reports have surfaced according to which a Miami police officer has opened fire on a homeless man.

They shot the man five times outside of a public library after the man failed to obey their commands to drop a stick that he had been holding.

There were dozens of families with their children right near the location of the shooting.

Children could be heard screaming and crying in terror after hearing officers pumping out the rounds into the body of the homeless man, according to witnesses.

The incident began when a citizen saw the homeless man carrying what he claimed was a “pipe” and decided it’d be a good idea to call the police.

Many homeless people use pipes or sticks or metal hangers to dig through trashcans so that they can find recyclable goods. It could be that this is why the man had the object in his hands, but we will never truly know now since the cops decided to take his life.

There were no reports that the homeless man was attempting to strike anybody with the stick.

Officer Antonio Torres arrived at the scene and commanded the homeless man to drop it.

Police claim that he “failed to comply” with their commands.

They opened fire on him and executed him.

Shortly thereafter he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Witnesses at the scene recounted that the execution was witnessed by at least 50 children who were “hollering, screaming, and running.”

europeans-using-new-techAnother witness said that the man was just a local homeless person whom she saw every morning.

Another witness remarked, “The man had a stick in his hand. They could have Tasered him. He was a homeless guy who’s there every morning.”

Officer Torres has been granted paid leave.

The department has assured the public that it will conduct an “investigation” into the incident.

Watch the video below:

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