Cops Shoot Woman As She Tried To Escape Home Invasion

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A woman said Hall County deputies shot her eight times as she tried to get away from a home invasion reported at her house.

Jennifer Harris said her fiance reported a home invasion just before midnight last Thursday at their home on Campbell Road.

She said once the two armed robbers left, she got everyone she could in her car to get help.

She saw men outside with guns, but didn’t know they were deputies.

“They didn’t announce anything. They were just telling me to stop,” Harris said.

She said she drove off and the deputies fired into the car with four adults and three children inside.

Harris said her cousin and her 7-year-old stepson were shot, too.

“I had already told my son, ‘I love you. Take care of your sister.’ I thought that was going to be my last breath,” she said.

Harris said her cousin fired shots and authorities said two bullets hit a deputy who was treated and released.

“We thought it was robbers and he shot in the air to say, ‘We’re armed. Don’t keep coming toward us,'” she said.

During a DFACS hearing, authorities alleged the couple hid drugs inside their house. DFACS now forbids the couple from seeing their five children pending the investigation.

Their attorney, Timothy McCalep, said he’s seen no evidence and no charges.

“I think Hall County should do the right thing and return the kids today,” McCalep said.

The GBI said no charges have been filed at this time.

The Hall County sheriff’s office sent a statement which said:

“First and foremost, I understand the public’s desire and their right to know exactly what happened regarding the officer-involved shooting case last week. Recently some of the parties involved in the incident have sought out media outlets in an effort to promote their version of events, even before the GBI’s investigation is complete. While we would like nothing more than to provide full details on the case, the most important thing to keep in mind is that we must respect the investigative process. This is an active investigation which can be adversely affected by the premature release of case sensitive information. I can assure everyone that once the GBI has completed the investigation, it will be referred to the District Attorney’s office for a full review and when it is legally appropriate, full details will be available to the public and the media. All of the deputies involved in the case have been returned to active duty.”

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