Cops Surround Young Girl and Strangle Her After She Filmed Them


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They think they can do this to our children just because they wear badges and call themselves “government”?

CORPUS CHRISTI — A video has surfaced online showing two cops surrounding a young girl and initiating violence on her for filming them.

The incident appeared to begin when one of the officers asked the girl for her drivers license.

The girl knew her rights and knew that she was not legally required to display her paperwork.

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She told the officer “no,” and calmly asserted that she was not required by law to hand over her drivers license.

That’s when the officer begins speaking into his radio.

Just moments later another officer shows up in the view of the camera and starts getting aggressive with the girl.

The cop, who has been identified as Sergeant Lockhart, can be seen moving just inches away from her face and commanding her to show her identification.

“If you fail to ID, I’m going to take you to jail and that’s the law!” he shouted.

The officer replied admitting “You’re not being charged.”

“Then I do not have to show you my ID, sir.”

This seemed to frustrate the cop even more.

Suddenly he appears to begin grabbing at her and yanking her to try to place her in handcuffs.

When she realized she was being physically abused, the girl took a step back and tried not to get hurt.

That’s when the officers saw an opportunity to move in even more aggressively on her.

One of officers can be seen on the camera pivoting behind her and wrapping his forearm tightly around her throat.

He then appears to be twisting her neck back, placing her in a full choke hold.

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The girl was able to turn her camera on herself so that viewers could see what the officer was doing to her.

Her friends can be heard shouting in the background as they witness the cops abusing her.

Once she was placed in the choke hold, Officer Lockhart got up right behind her and placed her in handcuffs.

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