Cops Threaten to Execute Man’s Dogs for Not Allowing Illegal Search

KANSAS CITY — It began one night when Eric Crinnian heard a loud pounding on his front door.

He was startled by the pounding, and given a recent burglary of his neighbor’s home he decided to keep a crowbar nearby for personal safety, according to Fox 4 Kansas City.

He cracked open his door slightly only to find a group of police officers crowded at his doorstep.

"My dogs are part of my family," said Crinnian.
“My dogs are part of my family,” said Crinnian.

The officers claimed they were looking for people and demanded to be let inside Crinnian’s home immediately.

Crinnian told them he’d never heard of the people they claimed to be searching for. That’s when an officer noticed that Crinnian had a crowbar.

The officer instantly drew his firearm and pointed it at Crinnian.

“I open the door a little bit wider and he sees that I have something in my hand, so he pulls his gun, tells me to put down whatever I’ve got and then come out with my hands up, so I do,” Crinnian said.

The officers continually demanded entry into Crinnian’s home, despite Crinnian’s making it clear that he’d never heard of the people for whom they claimed to be searching.

No-knock raids on American homes have increased by 4000% since the 1980s.
No-knock raids on American homes have increased by 4000% since the 1980s. Source: Global Research

Crinnian, a lawyer, advised the officers that he would allow them inside his home only if they acquired a search warrant first.

That’s when the situation turned ugly, according to the report.

Crinnian says that one of the officers began making violent threats.

“If we have to get a warrant, we’re going to come back when you’re not expecting it,” said the officer according to Crinnian’s report.

“We’re going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram.”

The officer continued: “We’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs, and then we’re going to ransack your house.”

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Crinnian told reporters that he’s been terrified ever since the encounter.

He’s filed a report with the Office of Community Complaints, which is now being investigated internally by the Kansas City Police Department.