Corrupt Thief Cop Steals Thousands of Dollars in Sting that was Actually Targeting Him


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MARYLAND – It is not unusual – some might even call it common – to hear of cops stealing money, weapons, or drugs during a raid or sting operation.

It is however both unusual and ironic for an officer to be arrested while conducting a sting operation, while an internal affairs sting was actually targeting him.

Such a thing could only happen to a truly corrupt and foolhardy officer like Maurice Jeffers.

The Baltimore cop had a laundry list of accusations and charges against him, both before and while he served as a police officer.

Accused multiple times of stealing throughout his law enforcement career, he was known to always pay in cash, as well as being extremely – some might say criminally – thorough in his searches of houses or other private buildings while serving on the fugitive task force.

Jeffers had also had run ins with the law before he became a police officer, committing both assault and unlawfully using a handgun.

How someone as reckless and violent as this could ever become a police officer is both curious and worrying.

All of Jeffers’ wrongdoing would eventually come to a head when, after being told to secure a motel room so that a wanted suspect could be arrested, he was caught on camera stealing around $3,000 in cash.

He was arrested by internal affairs and members of an FBI corruption task force.

If convicted of the theft accusations, he could receive up to ten years in prison.

While the sting operation is one of law enforcement’s favorite and most tested ways of catching criminals, it appears it works just as effectively on their own brothers in blue as it does catching others.

While the public should be concerned about how Jeffers managed to keep his job at all, it should also be grateful that there are at least some dependable cops who will not hesitate to arrest one of their own.

The public image of police departments across the nation would improve dramatically if these corrupt cop stings were to continue and become common practice.

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