Corruption Prevails With Judge James Brady And The Spanish Fork Utah Court System

Serious corruption has been plaguing the Spanish Fork Court for years now and it is time we recognize it and put an end to this. It is each of our responsibility to provide oversight to these criminals within our system as they will continue to perpetrate on us as long as we continue to allow them to.~

I am writing this post in effort to help the problems facing our community which desperately require our attention. You may or may not be shocked at all I’ve had to go through in order to resolve this situation with Trooper Blake Bradford.

It all began on a warm June night at about 12:30 AM in 2016 Trooper Blake Bradford was casually speeding 90+ mph southbound on I15 trying to get people to speed up so he could issue a citation as he gets bonuses for each one he brings in, this practice is called ‘fishing’ within the department. The problem they have been having is too many people like to obey the law so they often have to resort to “bending the rules” in order to continue their job security and bonuses. Blake Bradford quickly and aggressively, and dangerously I might add approached me as seen in the dash cam video. Having very little time to act I had to make a delicate decision to both stay safe and adhere to the law. There was a car to my right which was going faster than I, there was also a car behind me going much faster than both of us which happened to also be State Trooper Blake Bradford engaging in these illicit ‘fishing’ activities hoping he could get a promotion.

I had decided the best course of action to stay most safe would be to speed up to match the driver to to right of me and get a safe distance from he and myself and allow the aggressive driver to safely pass me. I put my blinker on to indicate I was going to allow him to safely pass and accelerated enough to keep everyone safe which is required by Utah state law.

Reference to Utah Code Section 41-6a-601 CV608 / SPEED …. Conditions and circumstances may allow a driver to drive at a (lower or a ‘higher’) speed than what is posted providing of course that proper regard for existing or potential hazards. Reference Utah Code Section 41-6a-605 CV609….. Moving slower than traffic…. A driver is not allowed to drive a speed which interferes with the regular flow of traffic unless there is valid reason to justify it. ….. Utah Code 41-6a-711 Following another vehicle—keeping safe distances—exceptions and penalties

As you can see I had no legal right to drive slower than those around me, especially Trooper Blake Bradford who was directly behind me. But seconds after putting on my blinker Blake Bradford decided to take advantage of me accelerating in order to get out of harms way; in this case him being the potential hazard. It’s an extremely grey area in Utah law where often people don’t contest it because it’s too hard to prove innocence, and even if you can it will be ignored because of the vast corruption withing our judicial system.

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