Craig Beach Police Chief Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For Child Pornography

A federal judge sentenced the former Craig Beach Police Chief, Andrew Soloman, to five years in prison.

former Craig Beach Police Chief is scheduled to appear before a federal judge today to be sentenced for a child pornography conviction.

Thirty-six-year-old Andrew Soloman pleaded guilty in March to receiving child pornography.

Investigators say Soloman received files which contained images of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct last year.

Authorities also say Soloman had an Apple iPhone 7 smartphone which contained child pornography.

According to court records, Soloman met the juvenile victim when responding to her residence for calls about harassment and a runaway.

At the time, the victim said she sat in Soloman’s cruiser for several hours and talked. He provided her with his work email address, according to court documents.

The two continued to communicate via text and email.

The victim sent Soloman sexually explicit photographs of herself and Soloman responded by sending sexually explicit photographs via his work email account, according to court documents.

According to a court filing, Soloman said that “about half” of them were inappropriate and eventually confessed to sending her two photos of himself.

During a search of the Craig Beach Police Department on December 7th, investigators say that Soloman’s phone and laptop were confiscated.

Under orders from a federal magistrate Soloman has remained in jail.