Crawford County Deputy Faces Prison Time on Felony Abduction Charge

Jason Tupps

GALION – A Crawford County deputy sheriff accused of pulling a gun on a woman while he was drunk now faces six years in prison, court records show.

Jason Michael Tupps, 43, was arrested about 7 p.m. July 9 after Galion police found him pointing his pistol at a woman who was lying face down on the ground, according to an incident report released by the police department.
Tupps faces charges of third-degree felony abduction, fourth-degree felony improperly handling firearms, first-degree misdemeanor driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, first-degree misdemeanor using a weapon while intoxicated, first-degree misdemeanor aggravated menacing and minor-misdemeanor assured clear distance, according to Crawford County Common Pleas Court records.

Events according to the police report

According to the police report, Tupps, a Galion resident, encountered a 25-year-old woman from out of town who was trying to visit her uncle at his home near Kroft Steet. Tupps told an officer the woman kept “brake-checking him” and tried to ram his vehicle, but she told another officer she was going slow because she was unfamiliar with the area, then became frightened when she noticed an unknown man was tailgating her in an unmarked car. At some point, Tupps rear-ended her vehicle.

Both Tupps and the woman said that after she pulled into a driveway, he followed her, left his vehicle and ordered her to the ground with his gun, according to the report.

Two Galion police officers and two Crawford County deputies at the scene all reported smelling the odor of alcohol on Tupp’s breath. Tupps refused any field sobriety tests, and said the smell was from mouthwash he had recently used.

Refusing sobriety tests

The report states that Tupps, after again refusing field-sobriety tests, “had grown extremely agitated and was cursing about the way he was being treated.” He “continued to yell, curse and make comments about the officers,” as his weapon was taken and he was arrested.

While searching Tupps, officers found a vial containing “a trace amount of what appeared to be a while powder substance,” which was saved as evidence, the report states.

Past allegations and reports

Tupps’ personnel file reveals he first earned his badge from the sheriff’s office in the summer of 1993, but has been reprimanded several times since while working at the county jail.

Allegations against him include not securing his firearm and ammunition from jail inmates, releasing a prisoner about 10 hours too soon, mishandling inmates’ medication, insubordination, tardiness and violating union contracts.
In November 2015, while off duty and in plain clothes, Tupps stopped at the jail to use the restroom after eating pizza and drinking beer with a blind date, according to multiple reports in his personnel file. Officers made those reports because they all smelled alcohol on Tupps’ breath.

The county’s next group of felony arraignments are scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday in the courtroom of Crawford County Common Pleas Judge Sean Leuthold.


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