Crazed Minnesota Cop Assaults Man & Pleads NOT Guilty


According to the criminal complaint, Worthington Police Officer Colby Palmersheim was driving his squad car when Promvongsa pulled up behind him “at a high rate of speed. Promvongsa was so close that Palmersheim could not see the hood of Promvongsa’s vehicle.”

The officer claims Promvongsa was attempting to pass him, so he moved over slightly, at which point Promvongsa swerved toward his car, says the report.

Palmersheim reported that Promvongsa continued to tailgate him, driving behind him at a fast rate, while sticking his hand out the window and making some type of motion. He claimed that Promvongsa then pulled up to Palmersheim, rolled down his window, and told the officer to “stay there as he was going to go get his boys and come back.”

A nearby police officer was aware, from prior contact with Promvongsa, that he didn’t have a driver’s license.

Agent Joe Joswiak of the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force, a multi-jurisdictional task force that includes Worthington Police, eventually gave chase. He claims he turned on his squad’s emergency lights, but Promvongsa did not stop. Joswiak eventually made the arrest.

None of these allegations leading to Promvongsa’s arrest were captured in independent traffic camera or dash cam footage, says his attorney Ginny Barron. She says the complaint relies on the officers’ word alone.

“[Promvongsa’s] obviously plead not guilty and we intend to try it. He maintains his innocence,” Barron says. “What I can say is while I believe there are definitely a number of honorable police officers in the community who are highly respected, we are seeing increasing, systemic problems of excessive force in the Worthington Police Department, Nobles County Sheriff’s Office, and Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force that we don’t believe should ever be allowed or tolerated in a civilized society.”

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