Crowd of Cops Caught on Camera Beating a Man Following a High-Speed Police Chase That Crossed Two States

Multiple police were filmed beating a man after he appeared to surrender following a high-speed chase which crossed two states but ended abruptly in a field in Indiana.

Approximately 12 armed officers could be seen pointing guns at the stationary pick-up truck before they put down their weapons but punched and kicked the suspect repeatedly.

The high-speed chase started in Kentucky and ended 50 minutes later in Southern Indiana, crossing through baseball fields and over a bridge.

The dramatic video, filmed from a news helicopter, showed at least 14 vehicles chasing a red pickup truck off-road across a field.

The errant vehicle skidded to a halt when it approached a ravine at the field’s border and it was quickly surrounded by police vehicles.

It appears that the suspect raises his hand to surrender, clearly cornered and outnumbered.

But police approach, guns raised before they drop their weapons but surround the suspect.

An officer drags him from the car and police can then be seen hitting and kicking the suspect repeatedly.

Suspect Robert G. Ellis from Louisville was arrested at the scene.

He was suspected of multiple bag thefts and his pickup truck was packed with women’s purses, according to WLKY.

Ellis was charged with fleeing/resisting law enforcement, according to an Indiana State Police news release.

He was transported to hospital in Floyd County by Floyd County EMS complaining of pain.

Police have not commented on whether any injuries were sustained by the suspect.

Sgt. Jerry D. Goodin told BuzzFeed News the Louisville Metro Police Department initiated the chase, but asked Indiana State Police to take over when it entered Indiana.

But many of the officers that surrounded Ellis were driving patrol cars that appear to belong to the Louisville Metro Police Department.

In a statement, Indiana Police said LMPD entered the state at about 5 p.m. in pursuit of the red Ford Ranger pickup.

Officers set up a spike strip which deflated the fleeing truck’s tires just before Ellis drove onto the open field as seen on the video.

An officer in an unmarked car struck and disabled the pickup near a ravine.

And before the chase came to its dramatic conclusion, footage show Ellis driving around in circles in a parking lot, over grass and under trees in New Albany, Indiana, while trying to evade the patrol cars.