DEA Agents Got “Bonuses” After Participating in Colombian Drug and Sex Parties


The Justice Department has made a shocking announcement this week.

An investigation into misconduct and sexual harassment by 14 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents has revealed that eight of the accused had received merit bonuses during their tenure, which ranged from $ 1500 to almost $ 32,000.

There are at least 10 instances when these agents received unwarranted rewards.

Such bonuses are in breach of the authority’s own policy.

According to DEA guidelines employees for have been subject to discipline for misconduct or are awaiting an investigation are not permitted to receive promotions, awards or any other perks for the subsequent three years.

Regional director of the authority chose to handle the misconduct internally instead of reporting it to the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), which is the prescribed course of action. He, too, received a $31,938.98 bonus in May 2013.

When the boss himself faced an OPR investigation, he was penalized with a mere “counselling session”.

Details of the misconduct

The Department of Justice Inspector General revealed details of the negligence carried out by the DEA in a report.

According to the document, one officer while posted overseas was accused of being a regular at several brothels and patronized prostitutes.

Although he was ultimately cleared of the charges, he received a $2000 performance bonus and a couple of award nominations while the investigation was still ongoing.

Another special agent visited prostitutes and brothels while on overseas postings and, in a disturbing disclosure, he also hosted prostitutes in a government-leased facility.

He assaulted a sex worker at least once.

This officer received a 14-day suspension and was named in the misconduct investigation, in spite of this he received a bonus of $ 1500.

An assistant regional director who was posted overseas was accused of making several out of line remarks, asked a subordinate to watch pornographic movies with him, threw items frequently, shouted at other employees, and used profanities in the office as well as at official gatherings.

This gentleman received was a letter of reprimand.

This is not the only investigation

The Department of Justice released a separate report in March detailing how the DEA handled “sex party” allegations.

According to the official account, while on an international posting the agents had taken part in drug-and-sex parties; some of these were even funded by drug cartels.

These parties took place in Colombia, according to political journalism organization Politico.

Following this, the Department of Justice issued directives which prohibited all personnel from “soliciting, procuring, or accepting commercial sex,” irrespective of whether or not the officers were on duty.

In addition to this the memo said this guideline must be adhered to “regardless of whether the activity is legal or tolerated in a particular jurisdiction, foreign or domestic”.

The DEA has the highest number of employees on foreign deployments. According to 2014 figures, there are 833 personnel assigned to 86 offices and 67 countries, this figure includes 459 special agents.

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