“Don’t Want Militarized Police Culture” – Obama Pledges More Body Cameras on Cops


Russell Brandom | The Verge

In an announcement today, the White House has pledged $263 million in new federal funding for police training and body cameras, set aside by executive order.

The money includes $75 million allocated specifically for the purchase 50,000 cameras for law enforcement officers across the country.

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The training portion of the funds would go toward instructing police in the responsible use of paramilitary equipment like assault rifles and armored personnel carriers, much of which has flooded local departments as a result of a Homeland Security preparedness program.

Additional funds will go to fund police outreach programs designed to build trust between local departments and the communities they serve.


The cameras are designed to provide a definitive record of police activities, and have become a frequent demand in the wake of the Ferguson protests.

The protests began with the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager killed by the police in Ferguson.

Community leaders pointed to video taken in the aftermath of Brown’s death as evidence of police misconduct, and the subsequent outcry has triggered a Justice Department investigation.

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More recently, a widely shared video of Cleveland police shooting a 12-year-old named Tamir Rice has intensified the demand for video documentation of police activities.

Last week, the parents of Michael Brown announced a campaign “to ensure that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera.”

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