Drivers Arrested for Being Stoned While Stone Cold Sober

Drunk driving arrests are down sharply after decades of aggressive enforcement by officers, while drugged driving arrests are climbing.

In Georgia there are now more than 250 officers with special ‘drug recognition expert’ training.

But WHAS11’s partner station WXIA’s Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe discovered some drivers are getting arrested for driving stoned even when their drug tests came back clean.

Here is what happened to Katelyn Ebner.

Cobb County Police Officer T.T. Carroll: “You said you haven’t had anything to drink tonight?”

Katelyn Ebner: “Not tonight, no.”
Officer Carroll: “Not tonight, okay. One of the things we do is we ask people to blow through this thing, okay.”

Katelyn Ebner crossed the center line, and got pulled over on the way home from work. She works in a bar, and does not drink while at work.

Officer Carroll: “Blow real hard, blow ’til I ask you to stop — keep going, keep going — you can stop. Okay.”

No, she had not been drinking. All tests for alcohol came up empty. But the Cobb County police officer who pulled her over was not done yet.

Officer Carroll: “I’m going to ask you a question, okay? When was the last time you smoked marijuana?”
Katelyn Ebner: “Oh, I don’t do that. I can give you a drug test right now.”
Officer Carroll: “You don’t smoke marijuana?”
Katelyn Ebner: “I do not, no.”
Officer Carroll: “Okay. Well, you’re showing me indicators that you have been smoking marijuana, okay?”

“I didn’t realize that you could get arrested for something that you didn’t do,” Ebner told Keefe. “That never crossed my mind until it happened to me.”

Officer Carroll: “Watch your wrists for me, I don’t want to pinch you.”
Katelyn Ebner: “I’m going to jail for marijuana?”
Officer Carroll: “No, ma’am — not possession, unless I find any in your car. I believe you’re impaired by the marijuana you’ve smoked.”
Katelyn Ebner: “Okay, so when I do a drug test, I’ll be free to go, correct?”
Officer Carroll: “You’re going to jail, ma’am. Okay? I don’t have a magical drug test that I can give you right now.”

This has happened to alot of drivers in Georgia and is an ongoing problem.

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