The Government Brings in Drugs, Police Are Corrupted: This Cop Tells it Like it Is!


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Corruption within the American law enforcement system is rife. We are watching case after case of ‘good’ cops attempting to hold their own accountable, only to be punished by the blue wall.

This blue code of protecting officers, no matter their crimes, is what’s driving a wedge between the police and the policed.

To affect positive change, the good cops must come forward and shine light on the darkness within their ranks. They must not be afraid to do so either. The Free Thought Project frequently seeks out these brave men and women, who are willing to do what’s right regardless of the repercussions.

In June, we introduced you to Officer Billy Ray Fields, whose video calling out the bad cops went viral. Well now Fields is back, and this time he holds no punches.

When the Free Thought Project spoke to Fields Thursday, he told us that he made this next video because, “This is what it takes to bring others out to be a public figure professional cop. That’s what I’m going to continue to do…”

Fields is challenging the other cops out there who may be on the fence about calling out the corruption within their ranks. He encourages officers to stand for what is right. Before issuing the challenge for good cops to call out the bad, Fields issues several apologies, calling attention to so many of the flaws within the system.

“I’m sorry that there is a lack of training that needs to be taking place in these departments,” says Fields. “I’m sorry that there are not more psychological evaluations and stress-testing done.”

Fields goes on to address the racism within policing by saying, “I’m sorry that there is a plethora of racist cops dressed in police uniforms.”

“I’m sorry that even though foul play can come from both sides and play the part in some of these cases, there still should have been that one or more officers stepping in to neutralize the situation once they saw things getting out of hand,” explains Fields, illustrating the need for cops to police their own.

Fields then makes a powerful statement, acknowledging that an apology falls short of any solution, “I know that ‘sorry’ is not enough when you lost a loved one to this degree, but that is all that I can offer, to ask God, our creator for forgiveness.”

After apologizing for the corrupt acts of his fellow officers, Fields calls attention to the vicious cycle of policing in America. “We’re in a state of mind, where everyone wants to say ‘F’ the police now. And no disrespect to N.W.A., because the things they went through in their era, was a disgrace to human life. So, saying F’ the police was needed, and I understand. But, it seems like history is repeating itself,” says Fields, speaking of the heavy-handed police tactics in poor communities.

“My objective is to create a brand of history so we can place that into the rotation as well,” explains Fields. “No more cops sitting around watching something bad about to happen. No more cops knowing something is wrong, and they decide not to tell anybody.”

“If you’re in this field just to come to work, get a check, and lock folks up, you’re policing for the wrong reason,” says Fields as he calls out those who unquestionably follow orders no matter how corrupt.

“If you’re one of the ones who lets your ego interfere with making sound decisions, please find something else to do,” Fields says to the power tripping violent cops. “Because you make us all look bad, and you’re going to end up costing your department a lot of dinero.”

Fields then goes on to illustrate how words are not enough. He’s actually taking action. In September, Fields held an event for Peace and Unity, through the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

The event, which was held in Douglas, GA, was a way to bring the police and community together and stop the hatred and bad feelings between police and citizens, by addressing the actual problem.

Fields is taking action. He is standing against corruption within his ranks, and through his work, he is helping other cops come forward to do the same. This is what good cops do.

Before finishing the interview with Fields, we had to ask him a burning question. There are plenty of cops out there, who claim to be for the people but will lock you up for merely possessing a plant. So we asked Fields, “Where do you stand on the war on drugs? Do you think it is okay to deprive a person of their freedom for possessing a plant that is legal in 5 states?”

His answer was heartening while at the same time shocking.

“Well to answer your question… I support and hope they legalize the plant… it has a lot of cures to it and it also helps the sick and cuts down the percentages of those getting cancer,” says Fields, illustrating that he is indeed a good cop and his knowledge of the cannabis plant.

But then Fields drops a bombshell. “The war on drugs will never stop or end. It’s a revolving door. Our own country brings drugs in and wants people to sell them so they can lock them up,” says Fields, explaining the horrid and violent cycle of the war on drugs and the prison-industrial complex. “Everything revolves around money.”

Fields stating that the War on Drugs “will never stop” is based on history. The state needs to outlaw arbitrary substances, as it is their means of self-preservation.

However, we are a little more optimistic. We are currently witnessing the implosion of the war on drugs, and Fields’ comments solidify this claim.

At the end of this month, thousands of non-violent drug offenders will be released from jail because the people have had enough. The people are fed up seeing their loved ones deprived of freedom and locked in a cage for possessing a substance deemed illegal by the state, and they are forcing the hands of those in power to make the changes.

The video below is a landmark in this volatile time in which we live. All people, not just police, should take note of their surroundings and observe this paradigm shift away from condoning state-sanctioned force. The line in the sand is drawn — Will you be on the right side history?

Watch the video below:

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