Drunk Cop Crashes Into Car, Punches Victim and Threatens to Shoot Witnesses Who Rendered Aid: Report



He was the president of the department’s Police Officers Association, had spent twenty odd years with the police force, and was a cop at one of the largest school districts in the country – it would not be wrong to expect this man to display model civic sense.

However, Clark County School District police officer Anthony Russo – who has been with the department since February 1994 – was recently arrested on at least six counts following a car crash.

On September 5 the cop was off duty and was driving his white SUV at a speed of 60 mph on the 215 Sunset Beltway when he ran a red light at the intersection of Sunset Road. He crashed into a Hyundai.

Following this he walked over to the other car and punched his victim in the face several times, reports say.

Confused witnesses say the situation got even more complicated when he decided to attack another motorist who had pulled over to help the person in the Hyundai.

Next, the allegedly drunk policeman lifted his shirt to show his handgun which was still holstered.

He then proceeded to draw his gun and apparently pointed it at everyone present.

Another onlooker stood between Russo and the person who had volunteered to help as the enraged cop walked away towards his car.

Highway patrol arrived at the scene shortly after the incident; he declined to take any sobriety tests.

Russo faces a number of misdemeanor charges.

These include driving while intoxicated and well over the legal limit, carrying a deadly weapon while under the influence of alcohol, using a lethal weapon in a threatening manner, two counts of battery and failure to obey the traffic lights.

The community is questioning how a police officer charged with taking care of students could behave in such an irresponsible manner.

Following his arrest he was sent to the Clark County detention Centre and is currently suspended without pay.

Watch the video below:

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