Ex Cop Confronts Florida Cops Who Refused To Ticket Illegally Parked Cop Cars

illegally parked

Michael Heise | FilmingCops.com

JACKSONVILLE, FL — An Ex-cop in Florida, who runs a police accountability youtube channel has released a video that is going viral.

According to the description of the video, the man was there to audit of the Jacksonville, Fl jail, saying:

“I conducted an audit at the Jacksonville Florida Jail where cops are constantly parking in violation of there own signage. Not one cop was willing to enforce their own restrictions simply because it is a fellow cop. “

What follows is pure gold that exemplifies two things:

1. The thin blue line in stunning detail, be it on a small scale.
2. Why the police will not talk to people who have questions or are critical of them them.

The man first attempts, on video, to ask three officers about several police vehicles who are illegally parked if they will enforce the law on those vehicles the same way that would for anybody else. The first three officers give him the standard “no comment” and won’t even address the hypocrisy.

Enter a young officer who appeared to want to calm this man down, and began to talk to him and address his issues.

It doesn’t look like he knew what he was walking into, because after being asked to ticket unmarked cop cars parked in an area clearly designated for marked police vehicles, he becomes visibly uncomfortable and begins to play word games, citing that you can tell it is a police vehicle by minute details when you are standing right next to the car.

Most people, on the road, would not be able to tell by looking at it that it was a police, an unmarked car.

The officer even tells the camera man would be ticketed if he parked there.

The cameraman then states that he is a former officer who turned on corrupt cops in his district, and after becoming thoroughly disgusted with the level of corruption, quit.

He has a pretty active youtube channel which states:

“F.T.G. is a mindset that I have developed over the past several years. I am a 45 year old Investigator/Interrogator and I am sick and tired of our Government lying to us on a DAILY BASIS. I have had it. I am tired of complaining about things and not doing something. I have been protesting in Jacksonville Florida for almost a year and now I am kicking off phase two and three. I am starting this YOU-TUBE channel and doing a website. I will be doing all sorts of video documentation on various government agencies to ensure their compliance with the Constitution and their oath. I will also be offering my opinion on various issues and topics both new and old. Thank you so much for watching and hopefully supporting. I leave you with a few things, PLEASE get informed, the information is out there; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Secondly, get involved…. do something…. you don’t have to protest. Find something that interests you and get involved. Until we stand up collectively, NOTHING WILL CHANGE”

Filming Cops will be attempting to make contact with this man for an exclusive interview.

Check out the video below: