Family Calls 911 Requesting Medical Help for Schizophrenic Son, Cops Arrive and Shoot Him to Death



FORT WORTH  – The day his brother died, David Harrison mopped his blood from their mother’s doorstep.

Capture232“I had to clean up the mess, I want to see how the mess got there, why the mess was there, how we got to that point,” he said.

This week, he and his mother filed a lawsuit against the officers who shot and killed Jason Harrison.

Jason was a bipolar schizophrenic, according to his family.  That day, he refused to take his medication.

His mother dialed 911 for help. “And she regrets it because of the outcome,” said David.

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When two police officers arrived, Jason came to the door holding a screwdriver.

Both officers say he lunged or jabbed at them, prompting them to shoot.

But, David doesn’t believe the officers’ description of his brother.

“That wasn’t one of his personalities in his whole life, to be aggressive, to try to assault someone with a weapon of any kind. That wasn’t him,” said David.

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