FBI Chief “Embarrassed” Because Online News Tracks Police Violence Better Than the FBI


“It is unacceptable that The Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper from the U.K. are becoming the lead source of information about violent encounters between police and civilians. That is not good for anybody,” said FBI Director James B. Comey.

The FBI has been collecting data on Americans killed by the police for years, according to Washington Post.

However, in the FBI’s system the reporting is voluntary and police departments report only 3% of cases.

Only 224 out of 18,000 police departments reported shootings to the FBI in 2014, according to the Guardian.

The NYPD has not even submitted data to the FBISINCE 2006 —  10 YEARS.

Imagine a newborn baby coming out of the womb, crying at the hospital, then in a year taking her first steps.

The baby saying “dad,”  learning to talk, her parents enrolling her in kindergarten.

Then our toddler growing up and enrolling in 1st grade, moving up to 2nd grade, then going to 3rd grade, then going to 4th grade…

THEN going to the 5h grade —- that is how long the NYPD did not even submit data to the voluntary FBI system.

Thousands and thousands of babies grew up and graduated elementary school while NYPD probably didn’t have the “time and resources” to report to the FBI.

Incredibly, even the death of Eric Gardner was not reported to the FBI in the voluntary reporting system.

“You can get online today and figure out how many tickets were sold to ‘The Martian,’ which I saw this weekend … The CDC can do the same with the flu,” FBI Chief Comey said.

“It’s ridiculous – it’s embarrassing and ridiculous – that we can’t talk about crime in the same way, especially in the high-stakes incidents when your officers have to use force, ” Comey added.

As we can see above, the FBI has failed to adequately hold American police departments accountable.

FBI Chief Comey is paid with our tax dollars.

If you had a business and your store manager went around the country, smiling and shaking hands, telling everyone how his team was failing but didn’t do anything about it – what would you do?

Pay him more and back away in fear?


Tax payers expect Comey to manage a team that will check our police departments.

We should not be doing a better job than Comey – neither should the Guardian – neither should the Washington Post.

We pay  FBI Chief Comey  $489/a day which comes out to around $179,700/year to ensure a respectable standard of safety in our nation.

Lets get our money’s worth, Mr. Comey.

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