The FBI is Now Investigating Anti-Trump Rioters at UC Berkeley

BERKELEY, CA — Nearly a week after riots broke out at UC Berkeley, reports have surfaced that the FBI is now investigating those responsible.

The chaos began when it was announced that Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay Jewish immigrant who supports Trump, would be giving a talk on the campus.

When Omar Marteen shot and killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Trump responded that gays should be armed and shoot back in self-defense — this position was in sharp contrast to Clinton’s strict views on gun control.

Milo launched a national speaking tour encouraging people to support free speech, gun rights, and vote for Trump.

Because he supported Trump, many Hillary supporters accused him of being a Nazi, apparently unaware of his Jewish heritage.

The rumors of him being a “Nazi” and “White supremacist” began spreading on CNN and other media outlets. The result is that students at Berkeley felt that they had no choice but to shut down what they viewed as a Nazi event.

They dressed in black and began shooting incendiary rounds at police, lighting fires, and smashing windows in the surrounding area.

Their goal was to stop Milo — who they believe is a Nazi — from speaking, which they accomplished.


They also began beating anybody who was there to watch Milo speak, as supporters were also believed to be Nazis.

Now the FBI is investigating the masked rioters and might be making arrests soon.

The rioters, unfortunately, caused roughly $100,000 in damage to the Martin Luther King student union, an Amazon store, and several other locations.

“They came in a military fashion, they were well-rehearsed,” said UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof, adding, “They seemed armed and dangerous.”

They also caused around half a million dollars in further damage to locations in downtown Berkeley.

UC Berkeley Professor Robert Reich has floated the idea, without evidence, Milo himself conspired with the masked assailants to shut down the event so that Trump can crackdown on universities.

Professor Reich is apparently unaware that Berkeley and Oakland have been a bastion of anarchist activity since the 60’s, and it’s a safe bet that he is purposely spreading a fake conspiracy theory to deflect attention from the truth about what happened.

The truth is that for months, the media spread false rumors that Milo was a Nazi, fearmongering its viewers for ratings.

As the news spread, anarchists in Berkeley and Oakland became sincerely motivated to stop what they perceived as a Nazi recruiting event in their city. The motivation was pure but based on false information.

Because the media and faculty like Robert Reich ignore this obvious problem, they are now putting students in the position of being investigated by the FBI.

Robert Reich should use his power and influence to encourage students to think for themselves and stop being driven to a state of violent hysteria by the corporate media. Instead, he is doing friendly interviews with the very outlets causing the hysteria.