Federal Judge Dismisses New Jersey Man’s Police Brutality Lawsuit

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a man alleging a police dog left him badly injured after he resisted and ran from law enforcement officers.

John Michael Vazquez, a United States District judge for the District of New Jersey, dismissed Donald T. Olmo’ lawsuit against the city in late April. Olmo alleged police officers used “excessive force” when arresting him on May 16th, 2016.

He claimed a police dog vicious attacked him. “The dog really mauled and tore my leg up,” he states in his lawsuit filed on December 21st, 2016. “I walked with crutches for several weeks.” His leg was badly infected at the Passaic County Jail where he received treatment, according to the complaint.

Olmo wanted $5 million in damages.

Olmo “does not allege how he was injured, or any allegations regarding the role each Defendant played in his injuries,” reads the judge’s opinion. “Since” Olmo “fails to allege any specific action undertaken by any particular Defendant, his claim is not plausibly pled.” His lawsuit named police officer Rafael Campos who handles the K-9 unit.

Olmo represented himself in the case. The judge Vazquez dismissed the complaint without prejudice which allows Olmo 30 days to amend his complaint and re-file with the court.

Olmo was convicted of resisting arrest and eluding officers on October 5th, 2016. He was also convicted of inflicting harm on a law enforcement animal, according to government records. He is being held at the Southern State Correctional Facility.

Source: patersontimes.com

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