Federal Judge Rules Unlicensed Dogs Aren’t Protected By Fourth Amendment

And without any Fourth Amendment violation, Steeh continued, there is no basis for a civil rights claim against the city. Steeh also ruled that Smith’s suit would have been dismissed even if she had a cognizable property interest in the dogs, finding that the animals presented an imminent threat to the officers.

Smith’s lawsuit characterized the Detroit police officers who raided her house as a “dog death squad.” She claimed officers shot one of her pets through a closed bathroom door. Graphic photos from the raid on Smith’s house showed the dog lying dead in a blood-soaked bathroom.

Smith’s case is only one of several lawsuits that have been filed against the DPD for dog shootings over the past two years. The city of Detroit settled one of those suits for $100,000 after dash cam video showed an officer shooting a man’s dog while it was chained to a fence. It was also one of three lawsuits against DPD for shooting dogs during marijuana raids. The most recent was filed in June after DPD officers allegedly shot a couple’s dogs while the animals were behind a backyard fence.

A Reason investigation last year found the DPD’s Major Violators Unit, which conducts drug raids in the city, has a track record of leaving dead dogs in its wake. One officer had shot 39 dogs over the course of his career before the raid on Smith’s house, according to public records.

That officer is now up to 73 kills, according to the most recent records obtained by Reason.

Two other officers involved in the Smith raid testified during the trial that they had shot “fewer than 20” and “at least 19” dogs over the course of their careers.

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    ALL of a mans property is covered by these felon traitors sworn oaths, just another treasonous felon in a black robe, covering up for their armed robbing, extortionate scumbags with badges….