Federal Judge Rules Unlicensed Dogs Aren’t Protected By Fourth Amendment

The court’s opinion notes that the “police officers conducting the search had not received any specific training on how to handle animal encounters during raids.”

The ruling also noted that Detroit police supervisors found that the shooting of Smith’s dogs by officers were all justified. “However, as in many other cases, the ratifying officers did so without speaking to the officers about what had transpired,” the court wrote.

Reason’s review of “destruction of animal” reports filed by Detroit police officers did not find a single instance where a supervisor found that a dog shooting was unjustified.

Detroit police obtained a search warrant for Smith’s residence after receiving a tip that marijuana was being sold out of it. Police confiscated 25 grams of marijuana as a result of the raid, and Smith was charged with a misdemeanor.

However, the case against her was later dismissed when officers failed to appear at her court hearing.

Source: http://reason.com

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    ALL of a mans property is covered by these felon traitors sworn oaths, just another treasonous felon in a black robe, covering up for their armed robbing, extortionate scumbags with badges….