Female Cop Abuses 70-yr-old Air Force Veteran, Literally Arrests Him for Walking With a Cane


And why are we not surprised?

It turns out that this miserable old hag had a thing against “n*ggers,” according to an ex-partner of hers.

In an exclusive interview with Slog, Corine Purucker, who used to be a cop, said that Officer Whitlach frequently made racial slurs.

She would get off work and say things like “Goddamn n*ggers again” or “You should have seen what we did to this guy—we jacked him up!” according to Corine.

Given the report about her views on blacks, it only makes sense why she would pull over a peaceful black man and humiliate him.

Officer Whitlach also took to Facebook talking about “white america” and saying she’s “sick of blacks” who think white people are out to get them, accusing blacks of “paranoia.”

Here we have another race-baiting tyrant who tries to turn the issue into “white vs black” when the issue has always been police vs all of us. That is to say, statist authoritarians vs everybody who wants to live in peace.

Her post was captured as follows. The Ferguson protests were against police, but Officer Whitlach, in her race-baiting desperation, pretends that they were against “white america.”

racist post

With such racial animosity and twisted beliefs, one wonders: how many other innocent blacks has Officer Whitlach abused on duty? How many other blacks did she “jack up”?  The way she abused William Wingate (video below) was so nonchalant that it seems possible that this was routine for her.

SEATTLE — William Wingate is a 70-yr-old retired Air Force veteran.

Because he is elderly, he uses a golf club as a cane to help him stand.

He has been using his golf club for more than a decade to assist himself on his daily walks.

All of that changed when Officer Cynthia Whitlach saw William with his club and decided to use force against him.

The entire event was caught on her dashcam video.

Officer Whitlach is seen pulling her patrol car over next to William.

She exits her vehicle and begins screaming at William to “drop the golf club.”

William maintains his cool and explains to her that he’s been using it as a cane regularly.

Officer Whitlach continued to repeat “set the golf club down!”

William, sensing that the Officer was out of control, asked for witnesses to watch the encounter.

That is when Officer Whitlach can be heard on the video saying that William was “swinging his club at her.”

But William never once swung his club at her in the video.

“You just swung that golf club at me,” Whitlach screams.

William replies, “No I didn’t.”

“It’s like, c’mon lady. You were lying,” said former Democratic Washington State representative Dawn Mason, questioning Officer Whitlach’s assertion that she felt threatened by the golf club. Dawn became involved in the case when she witnessed the mistreatment of William on the video.

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Officer Whitlach has not been disciplined since the event occurred, but was instead given counseling by her supervisor.

William, on the other hand — an innocent man who fought for Officer Whitlach’s freedom — was locked in a King County cage for a night for “obstruction” and “harassment,” according to reports.

William has filed a lawsuit against the city.

“Family members and friends will attest to the emotional distress caused by the racial profiling, arrest, and incarceration of this man whose only crime was ‘walking in Seattle while black,'” says the complaint.

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The way that William was abused is very clear on the video. At one point he struggles to get into the paddy wagon, but an officer can be seen kicking a stool inside.

We guess this raving tyrant Officer Whitlach will get away with what she did, because she wears a special costume and calls herself “government.”

Watch the video below: