Female Cop Loses It, Pulls Gun on Tow Truck Driver

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Orange County, FL — If your vehicle was being towed for being illegally parked and you pulled a gun on the tow truck driver and demanded he put it down, you would be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

However, if you do this as a police officer, you get a vacation.

Deputy Tracy Weiss with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was given a slap on the wrist this week after begin caught on video accosting a tow truck driver.

The incident happened in April of last year.

However, the ‘investigation’ wasn’t wrapped up until this month. Investigators determined that Weiss flashed her badge and grabbed her gun when she demanded that the tow truck driver drop her car that was being towed for parking illegally.

Weiss told investigators that she grabbed her gun because she didn’t know if the driver would be “aggressive.”

However, the only one aggressive in the video below is Weiss.

Last April, Weiss was parked at the Starlight Ranch retirement community on a sidewalk.

The community has a policy that forbids vehicles to block the sidewalk.

When Weiss noticed that her truck was being towed, she jumped into another vehicle and then drove the wrong way down a one-way street to block the driver in who had towed her car.

When she exits the vehicle, according to the tow truck driver, she had her gun drawn.

When he saw the gun, the driver pulled out his camera phone and began to record.

“I’m a cop. Drop my truck,” yelled Weiss.

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