‘F*ggots Will Burn in Hell’ Clay County Sheriff’s Deputy Investigated for Bullying Gay Teen on School Bus

“‘F*ck you and your white carpet,’” Belt told the man, according to the federal civil rights suit.

The suit claims Belt then beat the man with a flashlight, and he says the deputy unlawfully stopped him multiple times and physically assaulted him over a period of months.

It’s not clear how that 2009 suit was eventually resolved.

Source: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/09/fggots-will-burn-in-hell-bible-thumping-wv-deputy-investigated-for-bullying-gay-teen-on-school-bus/

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  • Cliff

    As a school bus driver, if this fucker talked like that to any of the idiots on my bus I’d pull over and whoop is ass, then throw him out the back of the bus and continue my route.