Five Cleveland Cops Reinstated After Being Fired For Killing Two Unarmed People With 137 bullets

Almost 5 years after a police chase led to the shooting deaths of 2 unarmed people, the city decided to reinstate 5 of the 6 officers that were fired as a result of their actions in 2012.

The city of Cleveland released the following statement and confirms that the following five police officers were reinstated to full-time duty, reported Cleveland 19.

“The officers were reinstated as required by the arbitrator’s decision.”

Michael Farley #409
Erin O’Donnell #1027
Christopher Ereg #767
Wilfredo Diaz #350
Brian Sabolik #1021

Six officers, including Michael Brelo were fired, 6 others were suspended, and 1 retired.

Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were in a police chase that led to police officers firing 137-shots killing the 2 unarmed people.

The chase started in Cleveland and ended at Heritage Middle School in East Cleveland.

The six officers fired were Officer Michael Brelo, Officer Wilfredo Diaz, Det. Christopher Ereg, Officer Michael Farley, Det. Erin O’Donnell and Officer Brian Sabolik. Brelo was the only officer who was indicted. He was acquitted on manslaughter charges May 2015 in a bench trial, according to Cleveland 19.

The officers suspended were Officer Scott Sistek, Officer Cynthia Moore, Det. Michael Rinkus, Det. William Salupo, Officer Randy Patrick and Officer Paul Box. The suspensions lasted from 21 to 30 days.

Det. Michael Demchak retired.

Some of the violations the city cited were: officers “engaging in a pursuit without explicit permission” from supervisor, creating a crossfire situation and leaving the city without permission.

At the time, the city said all officers still on the job will be retrained. But the police union president didn’t want officers to be retrained and vowed the union would fight the punishment. Apparently the president of the police union thinks it is perfectly acceptable to shoot 137 times at unarmed people.

Some of the violations are listed below:

Cleveland 19 noted that 227 officers were on duty, 105 involved in the pursuit and 74 receive administrative charges. 46 supervisors were on duty at the time of the chase, 18 supervisors were involved, 12 supervisors receiving administrative charges.

In the Spring of 2013, April, review of pursuit was completed.

In June of 2015 the criminal proceedings were completed.

After Chief Williams brought the review back to the committee the 13 officers’ participation in the pursuit and shooting was also reviewed.

October and November, 2015 disciplinary hearings were conducted for the 13 officers.

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