[WATCH] Florida Deputy Charged w/ Grand Theft and Steroid Possession After Being Caught With His Own Body Cam

A former Volusia County sheriff’s deputy investigators say was caught on his own body camera stealing cash from a driver he arrested is facing five felony charges including grand theft and official misconduct.

John Braman, 34, is charged with one count of grand theft, three counts of official misconduct and possession of stanozolol, a steroid, according to records released Thursday by the State Attorney’s Office. He also faces two misdemeanor counts of petty theft. The felonies are each punishable by up to five years in prison.

Braman is also accused of stealing at least $600 from a man he arrested during a disturbance call and taking $40 from a third man.

Braman had not been arrested Thursday night. Prosecutors were awaiting a judge to sign a warrant. But Braman’s defense attorney, Michael Lambert, requested a hearing, which has been set for 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, to address Braman’s bail.

Braman resigned Jan. 30 after investigators said video from his body camera showed him taking two $100 bills from the wallet of Thomas French, a man he arrested on a DUI charge on Aug. 1.

Braman was charged with petty theft and official misconduct in the theft from French, according to documents.

The grand theft and another count of official misconduct stems from allegations that Braman stole at least $600 from Mikel “Alex” Gordon, 20, while investigating a disturbance on Jan. 2, 2017, in Holly Hill, according to documents.

While investigating, Braman lifted a wad of cash from one of Gordon’s back pockets and then placed the money back into the pocket. Braman then asked Gordon to turn around. Braman’s body worn camera stopped recording while Braman talked to Gordon, documents state.

The body worn camera started recording again as Braman sat in his patrol car. The video shows cash lying on top of Braman’s agency-issued laptop.

A back-up deputy’s body worn camera shows Braman counting the money and Braman saying the cash came to $500, which is the amount the deputy wrote in his report.

But Gordon said he had at least $1,200 and as much as $1,500 because he was saving the money to buy a car. Gordon lives with his parents and they both said that their son had $1,200 and that they knew he was saving the money for a car. Gordon told investigators he knew Braman was wrong when the deputy said he had counted $500 but did not say anything because he was intimidated by Braman and the fact he was a law enforcement officer. Gordon said $600 in cash was returned to him when he was released from the jail.

In another case, Braman is accused of stealing $40 from Willie Humphrey, 72, of Daytona Beach. Humphrey was arrested on Dec. 19 by another deputy on a charge of resisting an officer without violence. But, since that deputy had a K-9 in his vehicle, Humphrey was placed in Braman’s patrol vehicle. Braman’s body camera showed him taking two $20 bills as he appeared to count Humphrey’s money. Besides petty theft, Braman is charged with official misconduct in that case.

Investigators started looking at Braman after the French case.

Flem Whited, a Daytona Beach attorney representing French, was working on the case when he came across Braman’s body camera video that investgators later said shows Braman taking a couple of $100 bills that belonged to French. Whited brought the details of the video to the attention of investigators.

Deputies found anabolic steroids in the trunk of Braman’s patrol car on Jan. 25 during a search. The charging affidavit said the steroids were oxandrolone, but prosecutors’ information said they were stanozolol. Deputies also found unopened syringes and two vials of testosterone prescribed to Braman.

French, 30, of Ormond Beach pleaded no contest on Dec. 9 to a reduced charge of reckless driving and was placed on six-months’ probation. French entered a motion to withdraw his plea on Feb. 15 which was approved by County Judge Belle Schumann. Five days later prosecutors dropped charges against him.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, who called Braman a “thieving idiot” when the allegations first came to light, tweeted a statement on Thursday, saying the former deputy was a “common thief” who had no business being in law enforcement.

“Unfortunately for the rest of us, the actions of one bad cop can undermine all the years we’ve spent trying to build trust with the people we serve. I hope the people of Volusia County hear me when I say we won’t tolerate behavior like this. A thieving cop deserves to go to jail just like any other criminal,” Chitwood wrote in his tweet.

Chitwood also said previously that he was going to follow a custom from his days on the Philadelphia Police Department and melt Braman’s “tarnished” badge.

The scandal was a dramatic fall for Braman, who earned $60,000 a year. Braman was lauded for his bravery in 2011 when he and another deputy where shot but still managed to disarm and arrest the shooter.

The allegation against Braman led the State Attorney’s Office to dismiss charges in 18 cases which depended on Braman’s testimony. Prosecutors dropped charges in cases, including driving under the influence and battery on a law enforcement officer, “Due to obvious concerns regarding Braman’s credibility.”

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